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We are your local choice for Garland Texas residential roofing including roof contractor, storm repair, hail repair and re-roofing.

It usually takes hail the size of a golf ball or larger to seriously damage your roof.

As an Garland residential roofing contractor, our Garland Texas area roofing service is 100% professional and designed provide your home with a quality roof that provides trouble-free beauty and protection to your home for years to come!

When you need a quick response, trustworthy service and professional results, simply call us as (877) 772-7581 for your free roofing bid.

Customer SaRoofing Customer Satisfaction


Herar what our customers have to say about our roofing:

Garland Roofing CompanyI appreciate a job done right! No hype and no delays. Fair work and looks great. These guys are what a professional roofing contractor should be, thank you! -- Jim, Garland, TX


Garland RoofingIt was time for a change: my home's roof and the roof on my detached garage needed to be replaced. You were there with fair prices and quick follow through. Thanks, I will recommend gladly! -- Blake, Richardson, TX


Garland RoofingThey responded quickly and did the job right. No more roof leaks! An A+ Value :-) -- Judy, Garland, TX



Garland RoofingThey replaced my home's roof and also added radiant barrier. Professional job all the way and left my property in very clean shape :-) Highly Recommend! -- Horch, Garland, TX



We are just a call away at (877) 772-7581 and our storm and hail roofing specialist will inspect your roof in person, advise you on the best materials and options, and even guide you through any home insurance questions you may have.

Our Garland Roofing Hail Repair Specialist welcomes your call at (877) 772-7581.


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Professional Garland Texas Roofing Is Just A Call Away at (877) 772-7581
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